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    Frequently Asked Questions

SP-bulletWhat is SkyPhone?

SkyPhone is a central phone number for your startup or small business that manages all incoming calls into your company and directs them to the personal phones of the people on your team.

SP-bulletHow does it work?

SkyPhone is a smart phone number in the cloud that manages all incoming calls over the internet and sends them to the right person in your company as normal phone calls so you don’t need a data plan or internet access on your phone.

SP-bulletWhat do I need in order to use your service?

You must have an existing cellphone or landline that is currently active which can receive and make calls. SkyPhone will manage all incoming calls in the cloud and direct them to any existing phone you or your team currently use.

SP-bulletWho can use SkyPhone?

Currently, only businesses located in the US and Canada can use SkyPhone. As a result, your billing address must be located within one those countries.

SP-bulletWhy should I use this?

If you run your own company or have multiple people on your team, SkyPhone is a great solution to save you money and look more professional without paying for a separate business phone line.

SP-bulletDo SkyPhone Plans come with a phone?

No. SkyPhone is a service that professionally manages all incoming calls through a central business phone number in the cloud and directs them to any cell phone or landline that you choose.

SP-bulletCan I call people using my SkyPhone number?

Yes, you can make outgoing calls from the “Make Calls” section of your user admin panel.

Billing & Pricing

SP-bulletAre plans under contract?

No. SkyPhone is billed on a month-to-month basis which means it can be cancelled at anytime.

SP-bulletWhen do I get billed?

You get billed monthly on the same day that you signed up. If it lands on the weekend or holiday, you will get billed on the next available business day.

SP-bulletWhat happens if I go over the minutes on my plan?

SkyPhone charges 5¢ per additional minute.

SP-bulletIs there any setup or activation fees?

No. With SkyPhone there are no setup or activation fees.

SP-bulletDo I have to pay any cancellation fees?

No. The only thing you have to pay for is the minutes you have used up to the day in which you canceled our service.

Phone Numbers

SP-bulletCan I choose the number I want to buy?

Yes, but there is no guarantee that the number you want may be available. We do allow you to search for numbers before you signup.

SP-bulletCan I transfer an existing number to SkyPhone?

Yes. You will need to sign a letter giving us authorization to cancel your existing phone service and initiate a transfer of your number to SkyPhone. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks to go through.

SP-bulletDo you offer plans toll free numbers?

Yes, we do. Toll free phone plans are $5/month more than our standard plans. If you want to add a toll free number to an existing plan, we charge $7/month. Toll free numbers share the same minutes from your normal plan.

SP-bulletDo you offer fax numbers?

No, but if having fax capabilities is something you would like to see offered in the future, please let us know.

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